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Value of Vyond

Increase Engagement and Message Retention

According to Forrester, employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than read text. Other studies have shown that adding video to your content improves the ability to remember concepts and details. Audiences prefer video over static content like slide decks and PDFs because it’s simply more interesting. These high engagement levels are why 90% of the Fortune 500 rely on Vyond to create videos.

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Drive Success Across Your Entire Business

Vyond allows everybody, regardless of their level of video production experience, to express ideas in an impactful way. It is a versatile platform that supports anyone in a business role—from marketers to training professionals to customer success teams—in both their internal and external communications. Vyond videos are especially effective in remote work and learning because they improve message delivery and retention without face-to-face interaction.

Tell Compelling Visual Stories

Visual storytelling through video is an ideal way to communicate and engage with your audience. A Stanford research study explains that people remember data 22 times more when it’s presented in a story. Through Vyond videos, there is no limit to the number and types of stories you can tell. Create your videos using our library of scene templates, character actions, sounds, props, and more. Or get inspiration from our library of ready-made videos you can add to your account with a single click, then quickly customize to fit your needs.

Realize Measurable Cost Savings

Vyond customers report savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars annually by training employees with videos produced in-house. And money is not the only savings. Save time by making a video in just a few hours or days. Make edits to your videos and re-render them in minutes versus waiting for someone else to do it. Plus, using video to communicate—from onboarding employees to annual sales kickoffs—can save countless hours and money spent on in-person meetings.

Engage and Motivate with Vyond Videos

Improve message delivery and retention with positive ROI by telling your stories with Vyond. Try it today.

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