Update: The video below is no longer available as a template. Visit our video template library to browse 100+ free templates for Vyond Studio.

Between family, friends, and food, we understand where your priorities lie this season. But we also know there’s work to be done as you begin to execute on your 2018 goals.  You already know you need video, but maybe you aren’t sure where to start? Or maybe you’re looking to make videos a bit more serious than the character-driven examples you’ve seen? Either way, we’ve got you covered.

This sample video was 100% created with Vyond, and we’d like to give it to you to customize for your work projects. 

Follow these steps to access the video:

  • Start a free trial or login to your Vyond account.
  • Click this link to copy the video above into your account. 
  • The video project will open in your video maker for you to customize.
  • Subscribed customers can download and use videos created from the template.

Animated Branding Concepts for 2018

It’s easy to make custom videos unique to your vision in Vyond. Animate charts and graphs, import your own images and video, add custom audio, and so much more. 
We created these concept scene templates to help you make videos that focus more on your brand, and less on animated characters and settings. They’re an example of what you can create in Vyond with a little customization.
Modify and save each of the scenes as a starters and use them as templates. Individual scenes also make great GIFs for emails, blog posts, PowerPoint presentations, and social media. 

Here’s an example, modified from the template video above:

GoAnimate GIF Example of Free Video Template












Please note: the four real-life photos used in the video were purchased on iStock, and are not included in the free Vyond (legacy) video template. You can import your own image and audio files into Vyond. Font importing and GIF exporting features are only available on GoTeam subscriptions.

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