Working in HR, it’s easy to feel stretched thin when building a company culture. You’d love to interact with every job candidate and employee, but time, resource, and geographic constraints mean that’s often not possible.

Video removes those constraints and makes it possible to reach everyone and build a strong culture.

Powerful and flexible, video can promote your company culture anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re targeting candidates, new hires, or seasoned employees, you can create videos that build and strengthen your corporate community around every functional area of HR.

  • Building awareness: Introduce prospective candidates to your company with videos that highlight your company’s mission and explain different job roles.
  • Recruiting: Convince candidates to apply and accept their offers with videos that show the personal side of working at your company.
  • Onboarding: Help new hires feel at home with videos that connect them with the rest of the team and explain core principles of the job.
  • Ongoing development: Keep work meaningful and valuable for employees with videos that connect them to the company’s progress and recognize their contributions.
  • Benefits: Nurture your employees with videos about your company’s perks, such as wellness offerings and corporate discounts.

Creating a positive company culture is different for each HR function, so you need a versatile medium like video to tackle each one. Here are 12 powerful video ideas to build your company culture for every HR function, from recruiting to retention.


Build Awareness: Introduce Candidates to Your Culture

Say a job searcher likes what they see in your posting and they want to learn more about your company. They are unfamiliar with your business, so you need to interest them with the fundamental aspects of your culture, such as your company mission. Convey the essence of your culture in an authentic, compelling way and you’ll drive candidates to consider the role and submit an application.

Introduce yourself—Vyond

Your company values are the most essential aspect of your culture. They define what you believe in as an organization and what you hope to accomplish.

Inspiring and meaningful, these principles are the best way to introduce prospective candidates to your company. You can highlight your values with an “About Us” video.

By sharing your company’s values with video, you enable candidates to build a personal connection with your company purpose. Instead of just reading copy, they can hear a voice-over and see clips of your work to fully understand why they should be excited about working for you.

As an example, check out Vyond‘s own video on our About Us page.


Right away, founder Alvin Hung clearly states our core value—Vyond helps clients forge deeper relationships with all types of people, whether that’s a customer or a fellow employee. Viewers can see his and other employees’ expressions when they describe Vyond’s values, so their statements feel authentic.

With an About Us video that showcases your core beliefs, prospective candidates can quickly understand what your mission is and why it’s important, and they will be inspired to learn more.

A Day In the Life—J.P. morgan

Prospective hires can read your job descriptions to learn the details of the position, but text alone won’t give them a sense of the culture surrounding the role.

A “day in the life” video can show candidates the social norms of a position. By watching employees describe their tasks and how they interact with the rest of the company, candidates can assess whether they’d be a good fit for the job they are applying for.

As an example, J.P. Morgan released a day-in-the-life video featuring a corporate banker at the company.


Beyond describing the tasks of her role, this corporate banker explains what it’s like to work with her teams and clients and what life outside of the office is like.

After watching a day-in-the-life video, candidates will have a full sense of how the company culture relates to their role.

Get a few laughs—Dropbox

There’s value in bringing a professional demeanor to work, but a culture that feels too serious can de-energize employees and make work feel less fun.

Show candidates that your company can be lighthearted with a funny video about your business. Prospective hires will be more open to engaging with your company once they see that you don’t take yourself too seriously.

Dropbox, for example, shows a bit of humor with a work-culture video featuring puppets.


The characters alone can get a few laughs with their bulging eyes and crazy hairstyles. Plus, viewers might chuckle about a funny contradiction: the puppet “employees” keep talking about how much they love the people at Dropbox.

Warm candidates up to your company by showing a bit of humor through video. The end result will express the personal side of your business that candidates want to see.

Recruiting: Convince Candidates to Apply

After doing a bit of company research, candidates are ready to hear about the perks and programs that your business has to offer. Use video to explore why your company is a wonderful place to work. Seeing all of your business’ benefits, candidates will feel excited by the position and be eager to apply.

Show life outside of work—bamboo hr

Candidates care about more than their prospective job—they also want to have a fulfilling life outside of the office.

Showcase how great your company’s work-life balance is with a video about team members’ lives outside of the office. Seeing that you prioritize employees’ personal lives, candidates will appreciate your business even more.

The work–life balance at Bamboo HR shines through in their culture video.


The video doesn’t just blankly claim there’s a work–life balance—it actually shows clips of employees with their families, friends, and more to make the culture feel authentic.

Highlight your service work—Tom’s

People usually care about the greater impact of their work—which means they don’t want to work for a company only obsessed with turning a profit. Inspire candidates by showing them how you’re making a positive impact outside of the office with a video highlighting your service work.

The shoe company TOMS, for example, outlines the positive impact of their products with this vibrant video.


With a mixture of visuals and text, this video highlights the problem that TOMS focuses on—a lack of footwear—to help people around the world.

After watching a video about your company’s service work, your candidates will be eager to join a business that’s driven to make a positive impact.

Outline your benefits—HubSpot

Most people spend the majority of their week at work, so they’re not looking for a stuffy, cubicle-filled office—they want a comfortable, friendly environment that they’ll look forward to being in.

Show prospective hires that your company has a positive, exciting atmosphere with a video that highlights your perks. You can use film to not only highlight the benefits—such as snacks and cool office design—but also show how employees enjoy them.

HubSpot showcases all of their benefits to prospective hires with this video.


Instead of just listing perks, this video shows shots of the office, where there are plenty of benefits: snack rooms, video games, and more.

With a video about your perks, your benefits feel real and authentic to candidates. They can actually see the accommodations you provide, so they’re much more likely to understand your culture and apply for your position.

Onboarding: Helping New Hires Feel at Home

No matter how qualified they are, new hires need a proper introduction to your company with onboarding. This stage is where you can take a moment to connect the new hire with the rest of the company and make sure they feel comfortable in their new work environment. Here are a few video ideas to help new hires transition seamlessly into your company.

Have new hires introduce themselves—Vyond

As a new hire, introducing yourself to the rest of the company can be tough. Many other employees might not be in your department, or they might be located elsewhere if there are multiple offices or it’s a remote company.

To make them feel more integrated with the team, have new hires create a video bio to send throughout the company. This video helps the team feel more connected because everyone can quickly get to know new coworkers.

As an example, check out this video bio from one of Vyond‘s own employees, Sofala.

This bio serves as a great introduction, thanks to Sofala’s openness. Along with talking about her professional background, Sofala shares personal details to help other teammates build a connection with her.

Encouraging new hires to create a video bio is a fun, creative way for them to introduce themselves to the company. With this intro, these new employees will feel a bit more at home at your company.

Explain your diversity initiatives—Google

A strong workforce isn’t homogeneous—the best employees come from all types of backgrounds, ethnicities, identities, and more.

Make new hires feel welcome with videos that showcase your diversity. It’s not just about demonstrating that you have a diverse workforce—you want to show new hires that you actively support all employees.

As an example, check out this video by Google‘s Asia-Pacific offices, showing how the company supports women.


The women in this video describe multiple ways that Google supports them. Seeing the women’s sincerity, viewers get a feeling of authenticity from the video and can believe in the company’s diversity initiatives.

With a video that shows your support for all types of employees, new hires will feel welcome as they start out at your company.

Ongoing Development: Give Employees a Sense of Purpose

Once new hires become adjusted to working at your company, they’ll look for opportunities to grow and thrive in their position. Facilitate their development with videos that integrate them with the company’s larger goals and recognize the achievements they’ve made.

News announcements—Washington hospital

Employees value transparency—they want to feel like they’re a part of their company’s work, so they appreciate communication about your business’s news and updates.

To create a more inclusive, transparent environment, share videos about the latest company news and leadership discussions. Hearing the most recent updates will help employees feel more connected to the company and realize the impact they’ve made so far.

The Washington Township Health Care District, for example, posts videos of their board meetings for members of their hospital to see.


With complete transparency, this video shows exactly what leadership is discussing, so members of this hospital can stay updated and feel included in the district’s work.

By keeping employees up to date on your company news, your video can help them find more meaning in their work and see potential opportunities to become more involved.

Employee recognition—Lcph hospital

When your employees are doing a great job, it’s sometimes easy to forget that they still need recognition. Without acknowledging their work, employees can easily feel undervalued and disappointed in their role.

Show your team how much you appreciate their work with an employee-recognition video. It will motivate your seasoned employees as they see the positive difference their work makes.

As an example, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital created a video to appreciate their wonderful staff.


The hospital went the extra mile in showing a wide range of customer testimonials about the strength of the employees, including recognition from celebrities Steve Carell, Condoleezza Rice, and Andrew Luck.

Share a heartfelt recognition video like this with your team and they’ll feel valued and realize how much of an impact they’ve made.

Benefits: Reward Employees for Their Hard Work

To stay motivated, employees need more than a paycheck—they also want amenities and fun activities at work. Highlight your perks with videos that outline your benefits to keep employees excited about coming to work.

Help employees stay healthy—Vyond

Employees appreciate when their workplace offers health initiatives. Jobs can often be stressful and time-consuming, so it comforts employees to know that their company cares about their well-being.

But instead of just putting up a flyer about healthy habits in the break room, you can engage employees a bit more with a video featuring healthy strategies. Focus on a specific issue and offer visual tips.

For example, this video was created by yoga and meditation teacher Lihi Benisty to teach Vyond employees how to minimize stress at work.

By teaching different health strategies, your video helps employees stay happy and well and appreciative of their workplace.

Host a competition—Vyond

There’s a reason why almost every office has a March Madness bracket—employees love competition! It makes the workplace feel a bit more fun and friendly, plus it gives team members a rewarding opportunity if they happen to win.

If your office is hosting a competition, get employees excited about it with a promotional video. Seeing visuals of the contest rules and rewards, your coworkers will be eager to participate.

Here at Vyond, for example, we created a video for our February Heart Healthy competition.

With visuals and a voice-over, the video gives employees a clear idea of the competition and why they should participate: potential prizes and the reward of a healthy heart.

Through this type of video, you build hype around your contest and make your workplace feel fun and lighthearted.

Build a Positive Company Culture with Video

Rather than solely rely on in-person efforts, it’s easier to build and promote the different aspects of company culture through video. Whether you’re dealing with onboarding or employee development, video allows you to communicate your culture at a meaningful level while also being versatile enough to address many different topics.

You can start using video to establish your culture with the 12 ideas in this post. Once you have these videos created, you’ll have a permanent showcase of content to build a positive culture with job candidates and employees in the future.