We get a lot of questions about how we created the Vyond logo animation you see in almost all of our videos. Here’s one variation you may have noticed:

The short answer is: we did not create this in Vyond. Our video producer created all of what you see above in Adobe After Effects, utilizing some assets from the Vyond Studio library (like the bird). But don’t fret, we’ll show you how you can create something very similar — with animals moving through the letters — in Vyond Studio.

Watch the video below and follow along to create your own version:

To sum up the process:

  • Use text or logos in individual layers.
  • Use shapes to cover up portions of text.
  • Incorporate an animated asset like a character, prop, or animal and have them move through the layers you’ve created.
  • When finished, use an entrance effect on your letters for some added flair.

Click here to open the “brand” animation example in your Vyond Studio account to explore and modify. Make sure to log into your Vyond free trial or paid account first.